You are going to get to the bottom of what your soul craves, you are going to heal your heart and your body, you are going to find a job that fulfills you, where you feel the purpose and burn for what you do.

You are going to be okay.

You are going to feel free and start feeling alive instead of waiting for life to happen and for someone to come and “save” you. You will feel like you belong, alive and authentic, like you are where you are meant to be. You will no longer feel out of place, like you are living a lie and living in limbo – an in-between phase – waiting for “real” life to start.

You are going to be okay.

You are going to find your place in this world. Your purpose and indeed yourself. Your stomach won’t feel so tight and pressured anymore and you will be able to breathe freely again. Your shoulders won’t be burdened by the weight of the daily life and you will be able to walk upright again presenting yourself in full gracefulness.  You won’t need to hide anymore and have the need to pretend you are someone you are not or hide parts of yourself. You will be able to speak up in any moment that causes you distress or discomfort, be it a close friend or someone you don’t even know. You will be able to see your body as a good friend and not as an outside enemy that prevents you from doing the things you want to. You will fully realise that wanting to feel good includes feeding your body nourishing and suitable nutrients instead of trying to save the soul by destroying your body. You are also going to find a way of not drowning your emotions in food and drink so that you can heal completely, have more energy and be able to enjoy an active lifestyle. You will learn to understand your feelings and needs better instead of silencing them with shopping sprees, chocolate or skin picking, so that you understand what you really need in that precise moment. You are going to find a physical activity that does your body and mind good. The world is not going to feel so loud anymore; you will be able to enjoy going out with friends, dancing your heart out and listening to music in different settings.

You are going to be okay.

You will be able to be by yourself at home and still work on emotional and spiritual questions. On top you will be able to do that without feeling the need of having the TV on constantly to have company. You will learn to feel with the heart and carefully listen to as well as trust it, rather than trying to rationalise everything and every decision you make. You will learn to find a balance between re-energising whilst spending time alone as well as by spending time with other people.

You are going to be okay.

You will regain your energy and awaken each day filled with lightness, inspiration, strength and vitality to welcome everything that comes your way.

You are going to be okay.

You will feel like you are in charge of your life instead of feeling like you are being directed by others and only able to react to different situations and circumstances rather than act.

You are going to be okay.

You will learn to properly love yourself with all your special quirks. You will realise how lovable and deserving of love you are. You will stop analysing your words and behaviour towards others over and over worrying that you said something wrong that will make you lose that connection. And, you will learn to forgive yourself for every past and future mistake you make. We are all human after all and can only learn by making mistakes.

You are going to be okay.

You will also learn to accept that there are things in life that you cannot change or influence no matter how well you are prepared and how well you have it all planned out. You will learn to recognise that there is a valid reason for certain plans not working out.

You are going to be okay.

Try and be patient by trusting that everything will come to light when you are ready for it. There is always going to be doubt, low moments and negativity, but you are going to find a better way of dealing with them and accept that it is all only temporary. Keep turning inwards and listening as well as acting according to what is best for you. Everything is going to be fine and

you are going to be okay.

09.01.2018 & 17.06.2018

P.S. Actually, everything is going to be so great you will call it a miracle. But that story is yet to be written.


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