on wet roads.


in trams.

Amusement parks.

Small cafés.

Big cafés.








Have you ever realised how loud the world is?

My tinnitus and hyperacusis made me aware of it. And interestingly enough, I found out that there are quite a few others out there who also feel that way even without a medical condition like mine.

The noise of the modern world…

It is easier to go around living our lives when we are constantly distracted from our own internal guidance system. When we do not have the chance to question or ponder what our life means to us. When we are unaware of our internal ultra-sensitive individual control system that tells us whether we are leading the life that suits us, whether we are making the right choice for us, whether maybe it is time for us to slow down and take a break. A break not only from the noises of the world, but also from the constant reactive mode we find ourselves in: e-mails continuously popping up on our screen, our phones constantly feeding us the latest “news” and making us feel like we are missing out when we are not part of it.

Switching off…

Let us give ourselves a chance to find out how we want to truly live and spend our time. How we want to feel when we get up in the morning and how we want to feel when we go to sleep. Let us make the world a quieter place.

Peaceful. Calm. Mindful.

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