Just need to get through the day.

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I just need to get through the day.

8 hours. Just 8 hours trying not to think about what I am doing here. 8 hours.

Black tea.


I will keep myself occuppied. I will be productive. I will fulfill my need of achievement. I will plan my next holiday. I will get inspired by beautiful pictures. I will think about evening plans.

11am. 4th cup of Earl Grey. Chocolate finished. My eyes are getting sensitive. My stomach has had enough.

The tea has improved my mood. I cannot bear to loose that. The glass of water on my table from this morning remains untouched. Water just cannot compete.

I know it better. I just need to get through the day.  I can deal with feeling unwell physically later. I cannot deal with feeling unwell mentally now.

4 hours to go. Half-time. Lunch break.

I keep drinking Earl Grey. I want to keep eating chocolate, but I feel physically sick.       No inspiring pictures can distract or motivate me. Even a chat with the loveliest colleague does not lift my spirit. The time just does not pass. I look at my phone every couple of minutes. I pretend like I am busy working whenever anyone walks past.

Get me out of here.

Just one hour left now. The final countdown. The freedom in sight and oh so close.

The phone rings. A document needs to be sent out. I cannot hide my annoyance. I just want to cry. I cannot handle this.

Get me out of here.


Freedom at last.

Listening to my favourite music. Hope is rising within me.  Anything and everything seems possible again.

The evening is mine. Tomorrow is a new day.


I just need to get through the day.

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