How come the weekend is already coming to an end. How did the time pass so quickly. How come I feel like I did not make the most of my time.

How will I find the strength to go to bed this evening. How will I find the strength to get up tomorrow morning. How will I be able to get through another week without doing even more harm to my body.

Chocolate. Such an essential part of my daily motivation and copying mechanism. My loyal companion that ensures that I can get through a-n-y day.

An ode to black tea. Oh what would I do without you! My stomach will rejoice in your absence but my mind will be filled with weakness and my resilience will disappear in the blink of an eye.

I was doing rather well at work the past weeks. Yes, my mood was better in general, I was working on the energy of my thoughts and was in a positive set of mind. I realised  however that for the past weeks I was also drinking quite a lot of black tea and was “back on track” with my one chocolate bar a day at work dosage (actually make that two). I can feel that my stomach is not so happy with me, and also that my energy levels are affected but I once again don’t have enough trust in my own strength and resilience. I know that I can lead a healthy lifestyle, I have done it before. But it was always temporary, even if it lasted for nearly half a year at times. As soon as I make one exception, the foundation starts to crumble. I know that the actual reason lies deeper than willpower…

I look forward to being able to start calmly, peacefully and postitively into the new week. I look forward to being able to act according to what my body and soul craves, without sacrificing one for the other. I look forward to seeing work as part of my life, meaningful, valuable and fulfilling; a life where the mood is not linked to a particular day of the week and where a Sunday is as welcome as a Monday (well, at least nearly).

Good morning new week. I am ready for you.

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