Breaking out of the daily routine.

So unbelievably inspiring. Like a breath of fresh air. The possibility of adventure.

Staring into the distance as the trees and rivers rush past the train windows. Blue fields. Green fields. Yellow fields. Unlimited possibilities.

Rays of sunlight, extending horizontally and spreading warmth and life.

What a difference an escape from the daily routine makes. What an impact it has on the soul and mind.

Breaking out of the daily grind. Enlarging one’s horizons limited by the daily recurring schedule.

Just breathing.


2 Replies to “Breaking free.”

  1. I loove this! I wonder when was the last time I broke free. Maybe I am doing so right now as I am breaking free from the rules I set around my own creativity. As silly as it may sounds. But as you write I can breathe. Freely.
    And that is the most bliss of it all.
    xx Ronja

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