I am silent and yet words are coming out of my mouth.

I am still and yet my body is moving.

My eyes can see. My ears can hear. And yet my mind as if detached.

My whole existence and experience – apparently a dream.

As if I have chosen to be somewhere else. Anywhere, but here.


Empty at first, the café is slowly getting busier as lunch time is nearing. I am just the silent observer, with a pen in my hand and a notebook on the table. Sipping away at my darjeeling tea. I wonder what everyone else’s story is. Maybe we have more in common than seems possible.

As the pen keeps sliding across the page, my thoughts and words just keep flowing, seemingly limitless. My heart is filling with love and hope.

I am finally at peace.

At peace with myself.






2 Replies to “I am, yet I am not.”

  1. I LOVE this!! There is so much power and love in your words. Thank you for sharing them and bringing so much inspiration to the world ❤
    And I love how you described the moment in the café- I could see myself in it so much as well 🙂
    xx Ronja

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