For some great changes. Some of them I already know. Others will surely show themselves when the time is right. I can feel it. I can feel that I am ready. Some things are blocking me from discovering my true self. I thought I could move past them. Getting to the bottom of my true self first, before approaching change. I have, however, come to the realisation that I really need to change some things, in order to be able to progress. I need to free myself in order to see clearly. To be able to discover the treasures hidden deep within me. I also need to let go of the past. There is something that is pulling me backwards. I have not been able to identify it, but I am being called to look closer, to stop and truly listen.

Ronja mentioned something very beautiful and inspiring in her blogpost today. A vision she has. A vision that she can finally share with her readers. I have also had glimpses of certain images in my head. Yet it is too early for me to share anything. Like with my writing. At the start (about 3 months ago) I only told a very small circle of friends. Recently, I have been much more open about my writing in general, mentioning it even to colleagues (not necessarily the existence of my blog though, I have to admit). Also I have started to have this feeling of wanting to share it with my family. This is really big for me. I have been hesitant about sharing discoveries to do with my personal development, something that is still growing and like a tender plant, so easily destroyed. I am hesitant, because I fear that their views will influence mine (because they have before on multiple occasions). That there are certain expectations that I will need to fulfill and won’t be able to. Additionally, I will be opening my heart, showing experiences and feelings that have never been shared before. And yet, I am also excited. Feeling the joy building up in my stomach, the eagerness of wanting to finally share this openly. This gem that I have been keeping a secret. Hugely excited to be able to witness their reaction, for I am certain that it will be positive. This weekend was not the right time. The next time I see them, it hopefully will be.

The more we integrate activities into our daily schedule that truly make us happy and the more we speak about it openly, the more they become parts of our life, our reality. And this is how miracles occur. When we make space for them and invite them in.





2 Replies to “The time has come.”

  1. Oh your words had chills run down my body. I can remember this. SO well, as if it was yesterday. The desire to speak up and share, especially with family. The fear and bit of resistance that was still there as well. From my experience, I can say that you will feel when the timing is right. And before you realize it, you will have spoken of your biggest desires, without even realizing it. It’s a magical, transformative, amazing experience.
    I am sending you love, light, and creative vibes,
    xx Ronja

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