“I am not here to save the world. I can only save myself.”

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“I am not here to save the world. I can only save myself.”

I am surprised to hear those words.  They came to me this morning. I never had the intention of  saving the world. I was never one of those people passionately involved in charity work, hoping to be able to save people from poverty and hunger. At the same time I remember there being a voice inside me just after finishing university that wondered if I should do something along those lines. Not because there was a deep desire and longing within me, but rather because I thought that I should. To be a “good” person I suppose. And then the thought disappeared again.

As I am writing this I worry about your judgement. So the following sentence comes to mind: not everyone is called to do the same things. Everyone has their place in the world. Not everyone is meant to be building schools or digging water wells. Everyone has their special significant role to play. And you know what? I actually truly believe that. There are lots of different ways to contribute something positive to this world. Even if it seems insignificant, or superficial (at first). Maybe we should step away from the thought of having to do something “big” in order to be doing something “good”. What do those words even mean?

Personally, for me, I think those words appeared in my mind as a call to focus on my own health and care. To stop and listen. To take a break from the outside world. They also emphasise that I am here to make the best out of my own life. I can and should spread my love, light and inspiration. And yet I am not responsible for how others perceive the world and what they regard as the best way to lead their lives. Maybe this will make me feel lighter and will lift some weight off my shoulders…

“I am not here to save the world. I can only save myself.”



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