In its purest form, it comes from the heart.

Creativity channelled through the movement of the hand.

For me, writing on paper conveys a special feeling. I would even say it creates a certain atmosphere. It is a deeply creative process and I am not just talking about the actual content. The pen sliding across the sheet of paper, creating forms, words and sentences. It is the way the pen is held, the angle of it in respect to the paper laid out in front; the movement of the hand influencing whether the letters are rounder and hence softer, or more angular as if automatically conveying a harsher meaning. All this has an impact on the whole picture and thus meaning of the written piece.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is also something deeply satisfying about typing on a computer. As I type, I at times bend my head to the left and right, ever so slowly, ever so lightly – as if trying to gain a different perspective, facilitating the thinking process or moving to a silent, unknown rhythm. It is a creative process of a different kind and the focus lies on the content itself most of them time. The reader can easily focus on the words and the overall meaning without getting distracted by an elaborate handwriting or being held up while deciphering the individual letters that got lost in elaborate creation. And when the words appear quicker than the hand is able to catch while sliding across the page, typing is the safest option to collect all the thoughts before they disappear again.

And yet…

Maybe you know the feeling of magic and transformation that a handwritten piece can create. Maybe you have already noticed it yourself, writing down your thoughts, observations or just a to-do list. When you are mindful, it can be eye-opening. It can stir something within you. Even if only a little bit.

And if you don’t know, maybe you will. One day. One word at a time.

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