There is always the option of just getting off at the next stop. Or to keep going until you reach a new, yet unknown station. It is as easy as that. And yet it always seems so much more complicated. As if we have signed contracts that bind us for life to a specific job, a particular city, a certain way of life…We evolve as time passes and get richer with experience. We get to know ourselves better, what we want and need and also crave change. And that is absolutely fine. Actually it is good to want to experience new things. Yes, you don’t know what is coming, what is lurking behind the corner. Whether the new job will actually lead to more fulfillment. Whether you will feel at home in the new city. Hopefully this will be the case. And if not, there is always the next job, or another city awaiting you. You are allowed to change your mind. Try it out until you find what works for you. And don’t let others, or the voice of the ego that is trying to keep you small, tell you otherwise or convince you to keep a job just because it looks good on paper and the bank is happy. It is your life. And it is up to you to design it the way you want it.

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