It’s as if I can see the past reflecting in my laptop screen and the future as I look up from the keyboard and simply gaze ahead. I am in the now as I look at what I am typing, as I see the book lying on the table to my right and seeing the steam being emitted from my mug of tea. I am in the now as I hear the trees rustling and moving with the wind, suddenly being silent again only to pick up the movement a few seconds later. I am in the now when I feel the very mild and indeed warm temperature of this Saturday in the middle of October. The slight gust of warm wind tickles my hair and touches my legs. I am living in the present when I feel my feet touching the cold stony ground of the balcony making me feel grounded and alive. It is a miracle. Sitting on the balcony, wearing shorts in October. A miracle one can be grateful for.

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