The past two weeks at work have kept me busy. It is easy to forget that I am actually looking for something else, wanting to figure the next step out. Find a direction I want to go in professionally and start working towards it. It really is so easy to forget…especially when fear prevails. When the ego prevails. Invisible, yet definitely audible when one is quiet enough. Attentive enough.

I get distracted by the blog and get lost in its enjoyment. I get sidetracked by wanting to renew my wardrobe (showing and being myself more also comes with uncovering my true style) and by looking for early Christmas gifts for friends. I get distracted re-watching Lost (such a fascinating show, even the 3rd time round 😉). And then, the next day begins and the cycle restarts, with all its preoccupations and coping mechanisms.

I keep on writing about the wish to escape, the wish to step out of the daily grind and yet here I am, bang in the middle of it, blindsided and opting for the “easy” life.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time for change.

Let the new week begin.

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