Chocolate is always there for me.

Chocolate gives me a sugar rush and leaves me depleted afterwards.

Chocolate tastes deliciously and makes my stomach hurt.

Now does this sound like a good friend to you? I beg to disagree. It seems to be more of an acquaintance that one can go out with sometimes to have fun with. This is definitely not the right companion for heart to hearts and deep conversations. Wouldn’t you rather reserve that for someone who does you good? Who touches your heart and soul, who you can connect with emotionally? A true friend, who gives you a hug and makes you a lovely cup of tea when you have had a bad day. Someone you can have a good laugh with. Someone who listens when you need to get the weight off your chest or just want to talk about something lingering on your mind. Someone who is prepared to go on adventures with you. Now that sounds like something I would want to have in my life. I would make space for that. I would do my best to include as much of that as I can in my life. I would want to help someone else have that in their lives as much as possible, too.

And if no one is around you can do that for yourself. You can learn how to be there for yourself. After all, you have yourself always with you. And that is very handy indeed if you ask me.

Chocolate just cannot keep up with that.

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