Such a simple question, isn’t it?

And yet I have difficulty answering it truthfully. My usual response would be “fine”, or “okay”. This is however not capturing the truthful essence of the question.

I was trying to work this answer out. I sat in silence during the weekend. I took some time and gave the feelings space to surface…or so I thought. Possibly I am too stubborn, too focused on the outcome and just cannot let them surface. It seems like I have learnt to suppress them so well and now I need to learn how not to do that anymore, how to welcome and acknowledge their presence.

So, how do you feel today?

2 Replies to ““How do you feel today?””

  1. This is in fact not an easy question, not easy to answer.
    Well, I try. I feel very good, very confident and have a whole lot of energy. But at the same time, I also feel a little scatterbrained, unfocused and all over the place. I think I need to take some big breathe and remember that there is time to do all of what I am wanting to do ☺️ Thank you for reminding me of this with your question!
    xx Ronja


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