If you know me, it will come at no surprise to you that I love eating sushi. There is a little restaurant in the centre of the city which harbours a quiet location with delicious food. Yet, I have come to notice – and increasingly so – that the actual atmosphere of the place does not seem to correspond with the delicacies that are being served. Something about the very reserved manner and greeting of the Japanese sushi master as well as the waitress does not seem quite right to me.

Is there a chance of this atmosphere influencing how my body welcomes the meal I consume? Is it possibly doing more harm than good? And if so, should I stop eating there completely?

After all, nothing is separate. The environment is part of us, as we are part of the environment. Something that it would be wise to pay more attention to, it seems…

Or am I mistaken?

3 Replies to “Nothing is separate.”

  1. I love sushi as well! I understand your issue and can absolutely relate to it, since the atmosphere also can influence the way we percieve even taste things! Maybe you can just start implementing to appreciate how surroundings/cultures collide or mix into one unique experience and enjoy your meal based on for what the meal actually is. We as humans connect many things to many places or memories or cultural settings so it is a perfect way to get inspired and creative!

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