How can I get through difficult times, or even just a tedious day without having to resort to external means of “happinisation”? Leaving out the tea, the chocolate, the online shopping and just focusing on the troops hidden within me? Where are they hiding anyway? Or have I forgotten to put my glasses on and just don’t see them? How can I call on them to make me feel stronger as well as prepared to face anything that comes my way?

Trust. Commitfully trusting that I am only faced with challenges that I can cope with. Trusting that I am much stronger than I think. Remembering all of the challenges that I have overcome before. No, you did not manage because this or that favourable circumstance, this was all YOU. Stop hiding and denying. Acknowledge your inner strength, your courage and your resilience. It is all within you, you just have to open your eyes and believe in yourself.

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