I am done. Done with pretending. Done with playing a role.

It is exhausting.

As I am uncovering my true self more and more, I am less able to hold my true personality back. I am tired of the environment that doesn’t fit my values. I am tired of the energy drain. I am ready for my new life. Ready to feel like I belong. Ready to find my true calling and my tribe.

So, where do I sign?

2 Replies to “I am done.”

  1. You just signed right here and I am cheering you on like crazy! Yes, yes yes to this. A big heartfelt YES!! You are so strong my friend ❤️
    If I am not mistaken, I have a blog post titled the exact same way – I LOVE that we share this title now ❤️🙌🏻
    I am sending you all the love,
    xx Ronja


    1. Thank you so much for your continuous support ❤️! And how funny and great at the same time that you have a blogpost with the same title 😉! Sending you all my love in return 💗


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