Why do we give to others?

Is it to make them feel better? Or to make us feel better?

What do we expect in return? A smile? A kind word? Or in certain cases even reciprocity at some point in time? We probably prefer not to admit it, yet I believe we always expect something.

Whatever the answer may be, I think it is an interesting topic worth thinking about. And please bear in mind that “giving” encompasses more than just material items.

3 Replies to “Giving.”

  1. Even though this post is rather short but it has so much importance and value in it! This topic is very interesting to think about! I absolutely agree with you.“Giving“ isn’t only limited to material things. One can give, quality time, effort, kind words and so many more things! It is also human wanting to recieve something in return but not everyone wants to „give“ (in whatever form). In the end the good old quote – „doing good does you good“ is what keeps me motivated.

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