“If we persistently undervalue the wishes of our heart, at some point it loses all hope and starts living in a constant state of mourning.” Ayurveda for your mind by Janesh Vaidya (my own translation of this quote from the German edition)

Reading this really touched me and made me feel sad. The heart seems to be a loving, kind person just wanting and having my best intention in mind and yet I am ignoring it. How would I feel if my friend did that to me? Maybe I would indeed walk away at some point…

We should be our own best friend. If we cannot be that for ourselves, no one else will. We are responsible for our own happiness and well-being by looking out for ourselves, listening to our intuition and acting according to our values, not according to what someone else deems to be the right or best decision. It is a learning process and not easy. Yet that is where proper happiness and a feeling of truly being ourselves comes from.

So I think this is worth some work and effort, don’t you?

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