2018. What I want to remember.

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I want to remember beaming full of heartfelt love and joy as a bridesmaid during my friend’s summer wedding. I want to remember leaving work early because of my health and prioritising my own well-being. I want to remember realising how much better I feel when I spend the evening away from the TV. I want to remember how I gathered the courage and asked my friend to book a separate hotel room for me when the three of us travelled for a weekend away as I knew that having personal space is vital for my mental health. I want to remember finally starting this blog, experiencing my creativity as well as the happiness writing and sharing brings me. I want to remember standing my ground and instantly speaking up for myself when being verbally attacked. I want to remember how inspiring my balcony has proven for my writing during this long summer. I want to remember identifying self-care and fear as vital topics of my life that need to be approached and dealt with in order to reach my full potential and experience further personal growth. I want to remember seeing the beauty of nature whilst visiting Lake Garda and how much tranquility and peace of mind it brought me. I want to remember starting to trust that the Universe is taking care of me and that I am only faced with challenges that I can deal with.

What do you want to remember from your 2018?

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