It really dawned on me today.

I can make today a good day. I can choose to see things differently.

“I have the power to make today the best day of my life” (an affirmation I took from Laura Herde‘s Affirmation booklet). I kept repeating it as I was on my way to my first working day after vacation: as I was sitting on the bus, as I was walking from the stop towards the office. I have been much more aware of my negative thoughts, of an annoyed sigh and stopped myself spiraling down that negativity any further. I noticed the urge of wanting to gossip in order to “bond” with a colleague and I stopped myself from falling into that trap just as the thoughts started to appear. I did my best to distance myself as much as possible even stopping the colleague from telling me certain details about other people that I simply did not want to hear. I do not want to actively participate in that type of conversation anymore. Instead, I reacted in accordance with my values, I listened and showed empathy. And that felt simply amazing.

Everything really is in our hands. And I will do my best to remember and live this truth every single day.

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