Being the person I wish I was.

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I really cannot tell you what I had been waiting for. As I am stuck professionally, I put everything else on hold as well. It felt like I needed to wait to progress work-wise in order to do all the other things I dream of. And somehow this year I decided to take action and just start being the person I wish I was and doing the things I wish I was. I have signed up for courses and activities, using my current motivation, not allowing fear to keep me in my little safety corner.

Of course I am scared. Of course I worry about looking silly or making a fool out of myself when trying something new. Of course this means that I have less quiet time at home that I cherish so much. I just need to make sure I keep the right balance between experiencing new things, spending time with others and having time to myself, reading, writing and listening to music. I really need both in order to stay balanced and fulfilled. I have actually started to properly plan my time in order to make sure that a weekend for example does not pass without the much needed me-time (something I tend to ignore easily when I am eager to discover the world).

Maybe now is exactly the time to do those things as I am not so involved with my job and can actually spare the time. So I am keeping my eyes open for opportunities and creating the life of my dreams. One dream at a time.

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