It looks like others are happy with their jobs, enjoy a fulfilling private life, are full of self-confidence and live in great health. It may certainly feel like it. The truth of the matter however is that this is only the “outer layer”, the pretty cover picture for the outside world so to say. When you have the courage to open your heart, you invite others to open theirs. And then you see that everyone has something they struggle with and you will surely find someone who can relate to your experiences as well. And hopefully this will make you both feel stronger and less alone. Together you can support each other in showing your true selves in all spheres of your life and creating the life of your dreams.

There is always someone who will understand you. Allow yourself to be seen and you will attract like-minded souls into your life. You are never alone.


Inspired by this beautiful post: Sweet Girl by Bird’s Eye View

4 Replies to “You are never alone.”

  1. „When you have the courage to open your heart, you invite others to open theirs.“ — Love that line! Thank you for this short but enlightening post.

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  2. So refreshing and healing to read this. I feel like everyone thinks we have to keep up an image of ourselves to the outside world, but that takes too much energy from me and I want to follow your advice and show my true self to the world. 🌸 thanks for the shout out, i feel honored 💕

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