Recently I have started to experience an intense craving for true personal connection with like-minded souls. Something I don’t recollect feeling before, at least not in the same way. I have the strong desire to connect with people that are going through a similar life-transforming phase like I am. Those who are questioning their true purpose on this planet and who believe that there is more to life than what they currently experience. Those who are in the middle of discovering their true selves and realising what it means to lead an authentic life. Those who are experiencing physical health issues because their current lifestyle goes against their values and heartfelt wishes. Those who have recognised the tendency to numb their true feelings with excessive food and TV consumption or shopping in order to get through the days. Those who are settling for less out of fear that they do not deserve or are able to have more. Those who are learning over and over that only they themselves know what is best and the right decision for them. Those who are willing to look into themselves, analyse their reactions and work on their mindset.

I am shining my authentic light, letting it brighten as many areas of my life as possible. Can you already see it?

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