When I tune in and listen to my heart, I hear and see the word “free”. I am craving freedom and no longer want to feel trapped and held back. I notice that especially when I am “reacting” rather than consciously acting out of my own drive throughout the working day. Those days I prefer not to have any plans in the evening in order to be able to decide spontaneously. No obligations. Just freedom of choice. This does not necessarily mean that in the end this is going to replenish my energy well, yet I feel a heavy resistence towards making concrete plans. Maybe one of the key steps towards my professional fulfillment would consist of integrating more self-determination into my working schedule?

I want to follow my heart and act according to the whispers within me. In other words, live my authentic life. Not worry about the outside world, the reactions and emotions of others and just listen within. Not being scared to show my true feelings, my true self. Not fear heartbreak and rejection. Just be me. Freely. Wholeheartedly. Always.

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