Do you also happen to doubt whether you behave like a good friend? Whether you ask the right questions, give the right advice? Do you doubt whether you are good enough? When I think about how I could be a better friend, especially in regards to my long-distance friendships, the topic of being in touch comes up. And for some reason I am really struggling with this at times, putting it off due to not having “enough time” even if I know that it is not about the length of a message or call. Maybe a deeply ingrained belief of not being good enough prevents me from being in touch more? Maybe I am just “waiting” to do something wrong and lose people just to prove that I have been “right” all along?

I have recently created my own affirmations that I look at every day and one of them is about me being good enough. It may sound rather boastful and at the same time I fully trust that actually believing those words will bring me ever so close to loving myself unconditionally and living my life.

“I am a positive, inspiring and interesting person as well as a wonderful friend. Others are grateful to have me in their lives.”

2 Replies to “Being good enough.”

    1. Oh thanks so much for your loving and kind words ❤️!! Of course it can be found in my Filofax that I carry around with me, you know me well 😉. I have discovered that it is really fun to create my own affirmations that really fit me! Have you ever tried that? Sending you all my love xxxx


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