Do you ever get this feeling of not knowing what it is that you want to do? Does it make you feel restless and agitated as if you have lost something and cannot find it again? I notice it when I realise that I keep switching between different activities in search of fulfillment even if originally I had pictured myself doing a particular task with joy.

I have no idea where this feeling of emptiness comes from. It took me a while being able to identify and actually label it. And even nowadays I don’t instantly notice its presence. Listening to music that moves something within me, that makes me want to sing and move along, feel with all my heart, my eyes closed, makes me feel better.

Maybe I should give this feeling of emptiness space and accept its presence instead of trying to make it disappear. Maybe I am being called to let go and to truly listen within, even if it makes me feel very uncomfortable and restless. Maybe I will have the strength and courage to try this next time. Maybe.

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