I find it fascinating how a change of mood seems to affect everything. Suddenly life seems to look completely different. I am struggling to get my tasks done, everything seems extremely difficult, tiring and complicated. I have no energy and do not want to interact with people. Hiding from the world, binge watching TV or just going to bed seem like the only feasible options. Yesterday evening was exactly like that. I was proud that I still managed to get a few to-dos off my list. I even convinced myself to sit down and journal a bit. And while last night I was still grumpy and annoyed as I was writing in my diary, already laying in bed the feeling seemed to have lost some of its intensity. And this morning the world already looked much better.

For me journalling works miracles, even if I have to force myself to do it. In the end it always makes me feel better.

Have you discovered a self-care practice that helps you feel better?

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