If I do not respect my own boundaries, how can I expect that respect from others? If I do not protect my own well-being, how can I expect that protection from others?

I was denying myself the self-care I craved and needed. Instead, I was relying on the outside world, or rather on other people to fill this void, leaving me very disappointed and hurt when I didn’t receive what I felt I deserved.

As I was sending out this needy, pressuring energy, the lack of care I received was not surprising. I realised that I had to start with myself. To take care of myself and listen to what this really meant for me. Rest, healthy food, movement, social contact, me-time, writing, listening to music, treating myself to gifts…

Once I had started giving myself the care I so desperately craved, my energy shifted and transformed. Suddenly I began to receive it from others. Suddenly I was deserving of it.

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