More and more people are displaying their authentic personalities on social media platforms, showing the shadow parts of self and openly talking about struggles and imperfections, something that certainly concerns all of us.

Maybe it is time to show more of that in the professional world as well. To dare a bit more and to stop pretending that we are machines just needing energy supply and a state of the art software in order to function and perform. Maybe this is something that forward-thinking and new companies are already looking for. Real people and not just names on the payroll, with their strengths, weaknesses and unique personalities; each with their own dreams and aspirations professionally as well as privately. I have heard of companies that create their internal teams based on personality tests that are performed after the hiring process, so as to allow not only for diversity but also for the best possible conditions for every employee to flourish and work in their “ideal” surrounding.

In essence, it is about accepting diversity and supporting individual paths. And that I find truly amazing. I think we could all do with some more authenticity at the workplace.

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